Rancho Solano Preparatory School

Special Event with Dr. Po-Shen Loh on March 26, 2024

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Don’t miss out on this incredible event! REGISTER HERE and join us for “How to Survive the ChatGPT Invasion” featuring guest speaker Dr. Po-Shen Loh, on March 26th from 6-8:30 PM.

Dr. Loh is not only a distinguished mathematician and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, but also a trailblazer in the realms of combinatorics, graph theory, probability, and computer science. As the mastermind behind math education platforms Expii and Live, and the innovative NOVID contract-tracing app, his insights are invaluable.

From coaching the United States’ International Mathematical Olympiad team to revolutionizing quadratic equation root calculations, Dr. Loh’s accomplishments speak volumes.

Join us for an enlightening talk tailored especially for parents and gain invaluable insights into navigating the digital landscape.


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