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RSPS announces expansion and growth!

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Considered a small school a few years ago with growth potential, Rancho Solano Preparatory School is now proud to announce that this potential is coming to fruition. Thanks to their dedicated faculty, staff, talented students and committed families, Rancho is expanding its footprint and will have three campuses starting in August for the start of the 2023-2024 school year. The campuses will consist of Lower, Middle, and Upper School.

The current Ventura Campus will become an exclusive Upper School campus (Grades 9-12). The Upper School has grown 92% over the last 5 years, and Rancho projects an immediate 20-25% increase in Upper School enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year, and a 60% growth in Upper School enrollment over the next 3 years. Creating an exclusive campus for these students with space to continue small class sizes, autonomy, and more social opportunities will allow the Upper School to flourish and provide greater opportunities not only for current students but also for prospective students awaiting the opportunity to join the school.

The building directly to the north of the current Ventura Campus will become the new Middle School campus. This nearly 45,000-square-foot, single-level building will be remodeled to reflect everything Rancho’s Middle School students and faculty have come to know and love in a space they can call their own. The Middle School campus will consist of 27 brand-new classroom spaces, a cafeteria, a nurse station, and administrative offices. The new Middle School will also be able to accommodate growing demand, allowing the Middle School to grow an additional 40% in the coming years.

At long last, parents with children at both the Lower and Middle/Upper campuses will no longer need to commute back and forth! The brand-new Lower School campus will be located on the Northeast corner of Pima/Via de Ventura. The Lower Campus will consist of two separate buildings: Phase I and Phase II. Phase I is nearly complete with a 2-story building consisting of 26 classrooms, a nurse station, and administrative offices, plus outdoor play structures, and a grass field. Phase II is scheduled to break ground soon, and will house 16 additional classrooms, an indoor gymnasium, a cafeteria, and office spaces. The opportunity for additional academic spaces allows Rancho Solano to open a 4th section of kindergarten, and subsequently a 4th section of each progressive grade level in the coming years (yielding an increased growth of 20%).

For more information, please contact Ilse Chaigneau, Communications Manager at ichaigneau@ranchosolano.com or call 480-646-8214. More information can also be found at www.ranchosolano.com


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