Rancho Solano Preparatory School

We continually take steps to provide our community with the safest and most secure environment, while preserving the warm and welcoming Rancho Solano experience.

Safety at Rancho Solano

The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is a top priority at Rancho Solano Preparatory School. We have in place several safety measures to ensure a secure environment for our students to grow and learn.
  • Using the Raptor Visitor Management system, visitors are tracked and screened using a computer system that requires a valid picture ID upon check in at reception.
  • PAS cards are in place at the Lower School Campus to ensure safe dismissal of the students
  • Crisis procedures are located in each building and classroom
  • Quarterly lock down drills are conducted with law enforcement support and input at both campus locations
  • Fire drills are conducted at both locations on a regular basis
  • Evaluation of traffic patterns, gates, and other security apparatus is ongoing and continuous
  • We have full-time RN’s on each campus, trained in handling emergency medical situations
  • The majority of our faculty is trained in CPR, with CPR training being offered to all faculty and staff (licensing only requires one trained person on campus at all times – we exceed in this area)

Security at Rancho Solano

Security is one of our top priorities at Rancho Solano. We have taken steps to provide our community with the safest and most secure environment while preserving the warm and welcoming RS experience.

  • The Business Office enforces security protocols for identification when calling about a student or an account to ensure data security and privacy
  • All faculty, staff, and vendors that are on campus or interact with children are required to hold an AZ Level One or greater finger print card as well as undergo (and pass) a background check and drug screen.


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