Rancho Solano Preparatory School

Personal Growth. Beyond The Classroom.

In addition to our focus on personalized, specialized academics, student learning at Rancho Solano is strengthened through our diverse and vibrant student community and enrichment programs. The majority of Rancho Solano’s high-achieving students are also scholar athletes, musicians and artists.


We believe that a zest for life and a passion for learning drive the journey towards personal fulfillment. Our extracurricular activities and student life enrichment help us stimulate the academic and social growth that helps Rancho Solano stand apart from other Arizona schools.


Students grow and achieve both on and off the field, through our athletic and physical education programs.

Fine Arts

The arts are an integral part of Rancho Solano’s curriculum, heightening learning and improving critical thinking skills.

After School Enrichment Programs

Rancho Solano Preparatory School offers a variety of after school enrichment programs that encompass theater, art, science, dance, music, technology, and athletics in environments designed to foster curiosity, discovery, collaboration, and inspiration.


Featuring a collegiate basketball gym, natural grass athletic field, full-length outdoor multi-purpose court, state-of-the-art weight room, and the premier high school sand volleyball facility in Arizona, Rancho Solano gives your child ample room to get in the game and learn the virtues of sportsmanship.

Fine Arts

At Rancho Solano, we have designed a vibrant visual, media, and performing arts curriculum that not only develops quality artists and performers but also builds character, inspires independent thought and creativity and motivates social and personal growth.

Health and Wellness

Rancho Solano Preparatory School promotes a holistic approach to each student developing his or her own unique potential through physical, mental, and social practices.

Safety and Security

We have taken steps to provide our community with the safest and most secure environment while preserving the warm and welcoming RS experience. 

Summer Programs

At Rancho Solano Summer Camp, we offer unique programming for the entire family. From basic arts and crafts to instructional swimming or from 3D printing and design to Rocket Camp, our summer camp programs continue to grow every year.

applications open for 2024-2025

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