Rancho Solano Preparatory School

Character Development at Rancho Solano

Rancho Solano Athletics teams are passionate about their mission to “Create Scholar-Athletes of high character prepared for lifelong success.” An integral part of living out this mission is the development of our CHAMPs Core Attributes in each of our athletes.
The true measure of success of our teams is the development of each student-athlete as a person and the 5 Core Attributes of CHAMP provide a roadmap for what a Rancho Solano Mustang will look like.


Rancho Solano athletes will be empowered with the self-confidence to achieve the goals they set. They will act confidently knowing the results they achieve are a direct result of their hard work. Our coaches will empower our athletes through knowing their value and self-worth is not dependent on their athletic performance. Knowing this, they are free to compete at their absolute best.


Rancho Solano athletes will act with an attitude of respect and willing self-sacrifice for the good of the team. Humble athletes will eagerly put the team above their own self-interests. They are gracious in defeat and victory, always acknowledging the need for others in their individual and collective achievements.


Rancho Solano athletes will set aspirational goals personally and athletically. They will learn how to set and work towards difficult yet attainable goals and to learn to fight complacency. They will leave Rancho Solano knowing how to leverage their talents and abilities into future success.


Rancho Solano athletes will passionately work towards achieving their goals. Truly motivated athletes do not need external forces to drive them; instead they are motivated by the opportunity to reach their potential. Each athlete will recognize and embrace their individual responsibility in accomplishing their goals.


Rancho Solano athletes will act with high moral integrity in all situations. Each athlete will clearly distinguish between right and wrong with compassion for others. They will stand firm in making decisions that display strong character regardless of the situation or circumstances.

applications open for 2024-2025

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