Rancho Solano Preparatory School

RSPS is a diverse community of students with individual interests, talents, and backgrounds. No qualified student should allow financial circumstances to deter him or her from applying to RSPS.

We are committed to providing opportunities to outstanding students who might otherwise be unable to attend Rancho.

Rancho Solano Financial Aid
(kindergarten-Upper School)

Families seeking need-based financial aid from Rancho Solano must complete our online application. The secure application and ensuing report of family need is provided by Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST). This application process allows us to objectively award our limited financial aid.

Financial aid applications are accepted from the 1st of November until the end of January. After February 1st, each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will be dependent on qualifications and available funds.

  • All financial aid awards are contingent on available funds. While Rancho Solano strives to meet all need-based requests, funds requested will exceed the amount available.
  • The FAST application can be accessed at RSPS FAST Application
  • The FAST Family Guide can be accessed HERE.
  • The non-refundable application fee is $53.
  • Once a completed application and application fee are submitted to FAST, a report is sent to our Scholarship Committee indicating the recommended amount of financial aid to be awarded.
  • Requests for financial aid have no bearing on decisions to offer admissions. 

Please note that once you have gathered your financial information, it takes an average of 30-45 minutes to complete the application online. 

Please contact Scott Salk, Managing Director at ssalk@ranchosolano.com if you have any questions. Rancho Solano financial aid awards are considered during the admissions process in order to provide a decision at the time of an admissions decision.

Arizona Private School Tax Credit Program
student tuition organization (sto)
(Kindergarten – 12th grade)

Rancho Solano has partnered with Arizona Tuition Connection, a Student Tuition Organization (STO), for the private school tax credit program. 

This program is available to all families regardless of income and can be utilized to get a significant portion or even all your child’s tuition paid for.  We encourage parents to apply for this program and attend one of the many coaching sessions to learn more about how the tax credit program works.

Applications and information on the coaching sessions can be found at www.arizonatuitionconnection.com  

Funding for this program comes from tax credit donations from both individuals and corporations. Donations are a tax credit off the donors AZ state taxes, so their cost of participating is zero.  Donors can even recommend a student to receive their donations. Click the button below to find out how you can donate your state tax liability to benefit our Rancho families.

Empowerment Scholarship Account (esa)
(kindergarten-Upper School)

Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) are taxpayer-supported vouchers designed to provide financial assistance for students to attend private schools. Initially intended for students with disabilities, ESAs have expanded to include universal student categories, with ongoing legislative considerations for further expansion. ESA funds are a fixed amount per year and can cover a range of expenses beyond tuition, such as textbooks, tutoring, achievement tests, uniforms, college entrance exams, and even transportation services.

The application is done through the Arizona Department of Education (ADE). You only need to apply once, and you will receive an email every June to renew automatically for the following school year. You can apply at any time during the year, but funds are distributed quarterly, between the 15th-30th of the first month of each quarter (July, October, January, April).

You cannot receive STO scholarships and ESA funding in the same quarter. ESA funding and STO scholarships are based on individual students, not family units. It is recommended that you choose either ESA or STO for your student for the entire school year.


If you have any questions, and have already submitted a Request For More Information, please contact:

Scott Salk
Managing Director

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