Rancho Solano Preparatory School

Global Education and Perspectives

At Rancho Solano, each student graduates with years of experience in global collaboration and education, within a diverse and vibrant student community. 

Rancho Solano is home to students from around the world, and local students of different backgrounds, nationalities, and interests. Rancho Solano’s focus on global awareness and cultural sophistication provides the foundation for exciting field trips, extensive travel opportunities and international experiences.

Our International Network

As part of the York Education Family of Schools, Rancho Solano is able to offer its students incredible global educational experiences and connect classrooms with other established Meritas schools across the Americas, Asia and Europe.

In the classroom, we give each student an early introduction to global collaboration through programs like Touchpoints, which begins in the 2nd grade. Throughout the year, our access to fellow Meritas schools offers each Rancho Solano student the opportunity for international education, travel and engagement, as part of the Meritas Advantage.

Exclusive Global Academics

Rancho Solano is the only private school in the greater Phoenix area to receive International Baccalaureate (IB) authorization. The IB Diploma Programme is recognized worldwide for exceling at preparing students for success at the university level and beyond, and supports Rancho Solano’s long-term commitment to developing global citizens. 

Our core values have made us beloved by our families, esteemed in our community, and admired by other private, public, and charter schools in Arizona. 

Powerful Integration

Implemented within the innovative and effective framework of your child’s individualized learning plan, it is our focus on global education and innovative academics that strengthen and solidify your child’s successful Rancho Solano experience.

If you would like to see examples of our unique academic approach being applied at your child’s grade level, please select the option that applies to your student:
Early Learning Center

Grades PK2 through Kindergarten

Lower School

Grades 1st through 5th

Middle School

Grades 6th through 8th

Upper School

Grades 9th through 12th


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